Oil Wiper Ring

Product Code : 17

Oil wiper packing is designed to seal the oil from the crankcase.  By scraping away the excess oil generated along the piston rod by its back and forwards movements, the oil wiper rings prevent any accidental leakage outside the crankcase of Air and Gas compressor (CNG Compressor).

  • Oil Scrapper Rings are available in different MOC, i.e. Individual graded cast iron, Bronze, glass filled PTFE, with perfect roundness, inner grooved & drilled to wipe oil from piston rod & with S.S. garter spring with proper tension.

Basic Wiper Ring Designs:

  • tangent cut unidirectional
  • tangent cut bidirectional
  • radial cut wiper rings

Highly reliable oil scraper rings :

  • These components are essential to compressor efficiency, especially in the case of oil-free compressors where there should be absolutely no trace of oil.
  • The oil wiper rings prevent any oil contaminating the cylinder.
  • Reliable control of crankcase oil leaks is economically vital in view of the increasing price of oil.  Care for the environment is also an important consideration.